30 July 2010

Rachael's Coconut and Spinach Dahl

I'm on a dahl run at the moment: I'm cooking dahl, being sent recipes for dahl and having dahl cooked for me by others! South Coast mum, Rachael's recipe really appeals to me as I love coconut milk, and I hadn't thought of including it in a dahl before. Plus, I love her last instruction... that's reason enough to cook this one! You can read more about Rachael's life on her blog here.

Rachael writes: "I'm always on the lookout for meals that are good to freeze, so I can cook in bulk and stock some away. I clipped this dahl recipe from the paper and carted it around for about a year, decorating it it with coconut and spinach as it got more and more loved. The clipping is long-lost, but a bastardised version now lives in my head. It's is super-yummy and freezes really well."

Rachael's Coconut and Spinach Dahl:


1. Chop an onion, a garlic clove and a chunk of ginger and fry them up for a while. (I have a jar of ginger puree in the fridge for when I'm ingredient or time-poor.)

2. Fry them off for a few minutes and then add a teaspoon of curry powder and two drained cans of lentils (or a few handfuls of dry lentils). Fry these off for a few more minutes.

3. Next add about a cup of chicken stock and a can of coconut milk. Salt, pepper.

4. Simmer for about 45 minutes.

5.Get your brown rice on about fifteen minutes into the cooking time (it will take about half an hour.)

6. A few minutes before serving, stir through a big pile of chopped spinach so it just wilts in nicely and doesn't overcook.(You can freeze it with the spinach in, or freeze before this step and add fresh spinach when you defrost and cook later.)

7.Serve the dahl on rice with a big dollop of yogurt.

8. Feel healthy! Eat chocolate to celebrate.

~ Thanks Rachael!


  1. Am cooking now, with chopped pumpkin instead of spinach...suspect we're on a winner. ;) Thanks X

  2. Totally making this tomorrow night - sounds all sorts of amazing. Am a big fan of coconut milk.

    Please note - when we do finally meet, let's drink coconut milk cocktails. Deal?