11 August 2010

Michele H's Basic Red Curry Chicken

Today's recipe is from Michele H. I like the look of this one as it can be cooked as vegetarian, and rather than precise measurements, Michele advises to use the ingredients "to taste" - and that suits my way of cooking.

Michele writes: "I love Thai food and often cook a (bastardised) version at home. This is quick and easy and tastes fantastic. Very more-ish."

~ Thanks Michele.

Michele's Basic Red Curry Chicken
Notes from Michele - This is a vague recipe I know – a lot depends on taste and quantities, you can change it around ie can make for one or 6+ depending on how much chicken and liquid you add in. Great reheated for lunch or dinner the next day (if there is any left).


Olive oil

Sesame oil

About ½ to one chicken breast per person (or use thigh meat if prefer, apparently it tastes better), cut into thin slices

Red curry paste (find a good one you like, I buy from Asian section of Woolies – brand Hmmm I am not sure will get back to you on that \)

1-2 tins Coconut milk (can use half molk half coc cream or use lite c milk if you wish, or use some liquid chicken stock in place of coc milk but will be thinner consistency, or some people (not me) use evaporated milk with coc essence – I prefer the real deal although it is certainly not a low fat dish)

Pumpkin – peeled and cut evenly into thin slices

Green beans – tops and tailed and cut into med size lengths

Brown sugar or palm sugar

Vegeta/stock powder etc (if you wish – optional)

Fish sauce (optional)

Lime juice (optional)

Shaved/Shredded coconut (optional)

Coriander – pick leaves off

Rice – cooked to serve

Pappadums if you wish


1.Heat pan or wok with olive oil and splash of sesame oil (the sesame oil is a seasoning ie for flavour/taste not to use a base oil)

2.Brown chicken pieces

3. Sprinkle with a little powdered stock (ie Vegeta) if you wish (to taste – maybe half a tsp?)

4. Add the red curry paste and allow to cook through, stirring so doesn’t stick to base of pan and coats all the chicken pieces

5. Add tin (or 2 if cooking for more people) of coconut milk (or half coc milk half liquid chicken stock if using OR your evap milk/coc essence if using)

6. Add brown sugar or palm sugar to taste (a dessert spoon?)

7. Add few splashes of fish sauce/lime juice if wish

8. Can add shaved/shredded coconut if you wish

9. Add the thinly sliced pumpkin to the pan and allow to cook around 10 mins (it softens in the coc milk) and then add green beans

10. Do not let boil but cook/simmer until pumpkin and beans cooked through

11. Add coriander at the end of if you prefer spoon mix over rice and then garnish liberally with coriander. Definitely benefits from the coriander. Love love love the coriander.

12. Scoop onto pappadums.

13. Fight over the left overs the next day

14. Enjoy!

~ Thanks Michele!


  1. Hi Michelle! Saw your post at Aussie Mummy Bloggers and dropped by. Love your cute method advice!

  2. Small Business Owner - hmmm dont think that was me (commenting on Aussie Mummy Bloggers. I have been at work all day)

  3. Hi all. This is me (well where I blog anyway) just to clear things up a little http://blogofmichele.blogspot.com/

    And I am wishing *I* cooked this tonight. It REALLY is yum and v v easy