13 August 2010

The cost of bread and other notes...

Here's the bread I made from that new flour pictured in yesterday's journal update post. Thumbs up on this one. It tasted lovely and has a thickness to it that will really suit sandwiches (great for school lunches). I'm sure I'll improve upon the making of it as I go along.

I also worked out the costing on my bread: From a 10kg sack of flour that cost $20, I can probably make around 15 (or more) loaves this size... So, if my math is correct, each loaf would be costing me around $1.33.

Don't know about you, but I pay double that, or more,for bread from my local bakery - so that 's a significant saving. Plus, bread always tastes better fresh from the home oven, I reckon.


I'll be back here on Monday with more recipes. In the meantime I'm going to spruce up the blog a bit and do some forward-planning on how to present things around here. I'd really like to be working well in advance to give myself a chance to test out as many of the recipes as I can before putting them up on the blog.

Thank you everyone who has sent in recipes so far - I'm going to need you to keep them flowing in - maybe you could let your friends/sisters/mums know about My Recipe Journal too?!  I'm sure they have a favourite recipe that works for them - I'd love to share it here with everyone (and test it out in my kitchen, of course!)

Just a reminder, email recipes to: thebyronlife@live.com.au

One last bit of blog "house-keeping". I've added a "follow" badge up there too - for those bloggers among you who may want to follow through their Google reader. I'm thinking maybe I'll also add a blog list of all the bloggers who have sent in recipes - what do you think, would you like that?

If anyone has any ideas for other things they would like to see on the blog - please let me know. I want to keep it a fun space that we can all enjoy and learn from. Your input is so very welcome.
See you on Monday - have a great weekend!


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