16 August 2010

From Megan: The Cheat’s guide to Ratatouille Pastries

Alex cooked Ratatouille last night and it was so very good. He used a recipe from Anthony Telford’s, The Basics: A Really Useful Cookbook (I’ve added a link to the book in the Amazon widget on the blog sidebar for those interested.) I bought this book for Alex last Father’s Day and it has proved a winner for all kinds of meals – mostly cooked by Alex, but lately I have used it too; to make vegetarian lasagne and a tea cake.

Alex cooked enough Ratatouille to have leftovers which I thought I’d turn into pastries – maybe the kids will like these in their lunchboxes? I got that idea from one of My Recipe Journal’s fans on Facebook, Eloise (thanks Eloise!)

And... because you may have realised by now I am a mad-keen op-shopper and vintage collector, I decided to test my latest find – an old “As Seen On TV! – Dough Magic pastry cutter. Never used with the pastry cutters still in their plastic sleeves.

The first lot turned out like little helium-filled pastry balloons (could that be because I forgot to prick the pastry first?) and the second lot I overcooked. I did warn you when I started of this blog that I was an L-Plate cook, didn’t I?

However, despite the fact the Ratatouille mixture may have been too lumpy for these little pastries, and the first lot nearly blew up in the oven and the next lot were nearly burnt... they tasted good! Phew.

Thumbs up to the “As seen on TV” pastry makers and definitely thumbs up to Alex’s Ratatouille.

(That’s not really a recipe, is it? I’ll be back with a “real” recipe next time.)

Happy cooking!



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