30 August 2010

Jasmine's Sushi Rolls

Here's a nice and easy recipe to start the week.   I was happy to recieve this recipe from Jasmine, from http://www.dardoandme.com/, because we're already big fans of nori rolls here- my 13-yr-old girl has introduced them to my 3-year-old who is now so keen on nori rolls she ask for them in her lunchbox. The photos here are from a session of nori-rolling that Miss 3 and I got up to last week. Messy, sticky fun it was! We used avocado as a filling, but I really like Jasmine's idea of the tuna and mayo - that could interest my little one in tuna... we'll give it a go next time. Thanks for the prompt Jasmine - it was a delicious (and healthy) lunch the kiddo and I enjoyed together.

Jasmine writes: "I lived in Japan for about three years and came home when I was seven months pregnant with my son. I'd never enjoyed seafood until I went to Japan, and even over there I didn't really take to eating huge amounts of it ... but seafood is such an integral part of their food in Japan that it's hard to avoid it. As such I started to develop, if not a taste for seafood, at least a tolerance for it - particularly the versions my Japanese friends would make for me (knowing I don't like raw fish!)

So here's a really basic, "friendly" recipe for those who aren't too keen to go eat raw fish but want to give sushi rolls a try."

Jasmine's Nori Rolls:

Nori/seawood sheets



Tuna (You can use strips of cooked chicken if you prefer!)


If you like, you can add some pickled ginger and Japanese soy sauce - you'll find the seaweed/nori, pickled ginger and Japanese soysauce in the foreign food section of your supermarket.


Cook your rice as per usual. Allow it to cool somewhat.

Take a piece of nori, spread the rice over the seaweed.

Mix your mayo with your drained tuna (I just used canned tuna - this is the quick and dirty version of sushi!) and spread across the rice.

Mash up your avocado and spread it down the middle of the tuna/rice/seawood mix. If you want, you can add your pickled ginger (small amounts depending on your tastes to the avocado)

Roll your sushi up and enjoy!

Thanks Jasmine!

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